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Asphodelus Trilogy Book 1 The Book Of Death

Dead girl. Deadlier enemies.

Mia Sparks is plunged into the world of the dead with no memories of her past life. As she struggles to adapt to this new world where people are equipped with bizarre abilities, she is enrolled into Asphodelus—a school for ghosts.

Join Mia and her friends in their ghostly adventures!

Nicole C. W.

Nicole C. W. writes paranormal romance stories without happily ever afters. With tales about vampires and ghosts, you are sure to find the perfect book to indulge your craving for romance. When she isn’t writing or working on publishing matters, she spends her time planning her next memorable trip with her family or catching up on the latest Korean dramas and relaxing in the cozy comfort of her home with her loved ones.

The Countdowner Trilogy Book 1 Counting Down To Meeting You

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2021 Year-End Updates & New Year’s Resolution For 2022

It's the end of the year. I know it's been depressing and it feels bleak. But I hope everyone is healthy and safe out there! And that you cherish all your loved ones! "I love you" are three words I said frequently to my mom this year. It's not just due to the...

The Scythe Of Exorcism Is Now Available

The last book of Asphodelus: School For Ghosts Trilogy, The Scythe Of Exorcism, is now available~ Thank you everyone for accompanying me on this journey! 😀 I had fun while writing this trilogy. And I hope you enjoyed the story too~ This will be the final book of the...

The Mirror Of Truth Is Now Available

The second book of Asphodelus: School For Ghosts Trilogy, The Mirror Of Truth, is now available~ As the book title suggests, this book will reveal the past of Mia and her loved ones, including the truth of her death. Also, there will be some progress for Mia and Colt...


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