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Blood Hunter Trilogy Book 1 The Hunter

Blood is my weapon. Blood is your food. Blood is our connection.

After that battle a year ago, everything changed. Raven is no longer a student learning to master her gift of blood manipulation. She is now a blood hunter who hunts down rampant vampires.

Join Raven in her adventures as a vampire hunter!

Nicole C. W.

Nicole C. W. writes paranormal romance stories without happily ever afters. With tales about vampires and ghosts, you are sure to find the perfect book to indulge your craving for romance. When she isn’t writing or working on publishing matters, she spends her time planning her next memorable trip with her family or catching up on the latest Korean dramas and relaxing in the cozy comfort of her home with her loved ones.

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The Hunted Is Now Available

The second book of Blood Hunter Trilogy, The Hunted, is now available~ So there'll be more chapters in the present than chapters in the past. And we'll finally have some cute scenes between Raven and Tristan 💘 The book cover also features Tristan for the first time!...

The Hunter Is Now Available

The first book of Blood Hunter Trilogy, The Hunter, is now available~ I think I've mentioned this before. But the protagonist of this book is the strongest character I've ever written. She's literally a kick-ass huntress~ I really like her and one of my future books...

Blood Hunter Trilogy Is Up For Pre-Order

My next trilogy is finally ready! I managed to finish writing them quite fast because they're novellas and I was mostly working from home. But this will probably be my last paranormal books. My next few novels will likely fall under the fantasy genre 🤔 Anyway, all 3...


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