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Nicole C. W. was born and raised in a family who doesn’t really like books and yet, ends up being the only one who owns real books (and not just comic books). Despite being weak in the English language during her high school days, she decided to write fanfiction of couples she adored. And this turned out to be the best decision she made! All the lovely reviews and encouraging words spurred her to self-publish her own stories.

She published her debut novella in 2016 and a trilogy in 2021. But with only these few stories under her belt, Nicole strives to write more books and build her backlist. The ever learning author now works as a Digital Marketing Specialist in the day and writes her stories at night.

Marketer By Day, Author By Night



one of the 16 Myers-Briggs personalities



currently addicted to Korean dramas


Coffee & Milk Tea

what can I say, it’s a writer’s best friend

My Story


Debut Novella

Published my first paranormal romance novella after a year of writing~ Though it’s a DIY amateur book cover and a story so short that you can finish in a plane ride, I’m now an author!


Website Launch

Finally launched my website to house my books (and my ramblings). That’s a great leap forward for me because I now have an online home.


1st Blog Post

Posted my first article which aptly explores what a fiction author should blog about. And I’ve concluded that I will blog about tips on entrepreneurship, marketing and self-publishing.


Debut Novella Covers Redesigned

After much deliberation, I’ve decided to get my covers redesigned. Just look at the new book covers! Aren’t they beautiful? There really is a BIG difference between amateur and professional covers. And now to work on the manuscript that is taking forever =.=


Author Branding: Logo & Tagline

I finally have my own author logo and tagline! Researching and brainstorming took quite a while but I’m really satisfied with the end product. Hopefully, this makes it clear to readers about what my stories are like.


Ghost Trilogy

My ghost trilogy is finally up for pre-order after 3 years of writing and months of editing! They’re longer than my previous books and I’m going wide with this book launch. It has been a good learning experience~


Where I am now


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