Counting Down To Knowing You

The Countdowner Trilogy Book 2

As time trickles away, hour by hour, I know you better.

While Hailey is dealing with Ethan’s unspoken memories and the deepest, darkest secrets he has been hiding from her, another wave of discovery crashes upon her.

And she realizes that her world isn’t so mundane after all. In fact, her circle of friends aren’t what they seem. They hide secrets from her, much like Ethan. Secrets that plunge her into the world of supernatural creatures.

But the greatest secret of all is that Caden Lopez, her childhood friend, is no ordinary human—but a werewolf!

Caught between Ethan and Caden, Hailey is unaware of the treacherous scheme creeping up on her…

Counting Down To Knowing You, a paranormal love story of 20k words, is the second installment of a complete trilogy.


Copyright © 2017-2024
Nicole C. W. All Rights Reserved.

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