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Save time and boost productivity by installing these free Chrome extensions!

[Entrepreneurship Tips] 7 Free Chrome Extensions For Entrepreneurs (To Boost Productivity)

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1. Screen Capture & Image Annotation Tool: Awesome Screenshot

Awesome Screenshot Chrome Extension

Whether you want to screenshot an entire web page or just a part of it, Awesome Screenshot is the best tool for this.

  • Add annotations & comments to your images
  • Blur sensitive information
  • Save into your computer or share with friends

This is the perfect tool if you’re a blogger like me. In addition to the built-in Snipping Tool on my Windows computer, I always rely on Awesome Screenshot to take screenshots for my blog posts.

2. One-Click Full Page Screen Capture: Full Page Screen Capture

Full Page Screen Capture Chrome Extension

If you only want to screenshot the entire page, you can rely on Full Page Screen Capture. I like this tool because it can capture screenshots for complex pages like pages with inner scrollable elements or embedded iframes.

Hence, this might be more suitable if you only have one purpose: to capture a screenshot of your current page.

3. Evernote Web Clipper

Evernote Web Clipper Chrome Extension

If you’re a heavy Evernote user, you can use the Evernote Web Clipper to save websites and screenshot articles directly into Evernote. Again, you can annotate and highlight certain text.

Whether it’s for research, recipe or travel itinerary, you can clip every bit of inspiration into Evernote.

The best part? It’s in the cloud. Where your screenshots will never be gone.

If screenshots are one-time use (eg. blog post), you can use Awesome Screenshot. But if you frequently refer to the screenshots, consider Evernote Web Clipper instead.

4. Screen & Video Recorder: Loom

Loom Chrome Extension

Awesome Screenshot has a recording function too but I prefer Loom more because it was specifically designed to record videos.

You simply click on the Chrome extension to start recording.

There are a few options such as

  • Record both yourself & your screen or either one of them
  • Record your entire desktop or just the current tab
  • Whether to include audio

You can also pause and resume recording anytime you want. When you’re done, you can then share this video link or embed it on your site!

This is useful for product demonstrations, testimonials, how-to videos and more.

5. Writing Tool & Grammar Checker: Grammarly


Proofread your writing with Grammarly.

The AI-powered writing tool identifies grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes so you don’t have to worry about making mistakes when crafting an email or writing a blog post.

Download the free Grammarly Chrome extension and experience firsthand why Grammarly is trusted by millions of users.

6. Pinterest Save

Pinterest Save Chrome Extension

If you’re an active Pinterest user, you definitely need Pinterest Save button!

With this tool, you can easily save interesting ideas or articles to your Pinterest boards. It also tells Pinterest that you’re a real person. Thus, this manual pinning will help boost your site’s visibility.

This is especially important for bloggers where Pinterest is a social network that drives high traffic.

7. Organizing Sites, Web Pages & Links

Okay, I’ve experienced this like a dozen times so trust me on this.

Every time my computer dies, my data gets wiped out.

It’s fine if your business only uses a few websites or tools. But if you have many tabs and windows like me, you really want to start organizing these links.

The Great Suspender

The Great Suspender Chrome Extension

If you have many tabs running at the same time, you can use The Great Suspender to suspend unused tabs. This will help free up system resources.

You can choose to suspend after a period of inactivity or whitelist certain tabs so they’ll never be suspended.


OneTab Chrome Extension

But if you have too many tabs, I recommend that you use OneTab instead.

OneTab converts all your tabs into a list which greatly reduces tab clutter. You can also group certain links together and create separate lists. Basically, you’re creating shortcuts to important web pages.

Google Chrome Bookmarks

Google Chrome Bookmarks

Source: By Mitch Bartlett via Technipages

I’ve tried both The Great Suspender and OneTab but in the end, I still settled with the default Google Chrome Bookmarks.


Because I want my tabs to be saved in the cloud (in this case, tied to my Google account). So even if I change computers, I just have to log into my Google account to retrieve all my bookmarks.

But if you’re that type who never close a tab, it’s better to use Pinterest (up to 500 boards and 200,000 pins). This way, your bookmarks are only for links that are crucial to your business.

Now It’s Your Turn

What other Chrome extensions have boosted your productivity and helped run your business more efficiently?


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