In today’s world, professionals have more options and numerous job opportunities. If employees don’t feel that they’re valued by the company or are not aligned with the company’s values, they can simply change jobs without thinking twice. This is especially so for the younger workforce who are accustomed to career mobility.

Therefore, you should try your best to retain your employees, especially if they’re the right fit. In fact, you should do it the moment they step into your office for the first time.

And this is where a new hire welcome kit comes in. It introduces your brand to new hires.

This is the first opportunity for your company to make a great impression and help these new employees feel at home.

Check out welcome kit ideas and tips to create effective welcome kits~

Today, we’ll discover the key benefits of welcome kits.

[Entrepreneurship Tips] 4 Key Benefits Of Welcome Kits For New Employees

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Welcome New Employees

As its name suggests, a welcome kit’s purpose is essentially to welcome your new hires.

Do you remember your first day of work?

Well, I do. During my first day of work (and probably the next few weeks), I feel slightly anxious and out of place. It’s almost like I’m having this ‘belonging uncertainty’ where I’m trying to adjust and adapt to the company culture and fitting in with my team.

A welcome kit will thus help to alleviate this uneasiness and stress that your new hires may be having. Besides navigating this foreign workspace, they might find it hard to assimilate with their teammates who have worked together for years. But more importantly, they might still be skeptical of the company: whether this was the right choice. Especially when they don’t have firsthand experience of your company culture.

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If you’re unprepared for a new hire’s first day, you might make them feel like they’re a burden. Hence, do be prepared. A welcome kit will help your new employees make a smooth transition into their new job.

You can include necessary items or basic office supplies so they’re well-equipped for their new role. For example, a laptop, notebook, calendar and employee handbook as well as fun items like branded T-shirt, stickers and gift card to a nearby café. This will make your employees feel excited and also give them a glimpse of your company culture.

Welcome kits can be a great icebreaker too. Imagine that your mentor or work buddy is waiting at the office with this welcome kit in their hands. This will certainly make you feel welcomed and you’ll get to know someone whom you can go to for help. Another way is to have the mentor or buddy give the new hire a tour of the office. The welcome kit can then be placed on their desk as a surprise.

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Reinforce Mission & Values

A welcome kit can help you convey and reinforce your company’s mission and values.

For example, you could print your company’s mission and values on the notebook. And maybe add in tidbits of information or fun facts about your business. Likewise, you could do the same to the t-shirt. Adding your company slogan or tagline will remind employees of your key brand message every time they wear the shirt.

The key is to think about how you want to position your brand to new employees.

Do you encourage employees to lead a healthy or active lifestyle? For the former, you could consider adding organic snacks, vitamins, health magazines, kombucha brewing kit and water bottle to the welcome kit. For the latter, you could consider workout bag, yoga mat and running socks. For environmentally-friendly companies, you could consider eco-friendly journal, bamboo fiber lunch box and reusable straw.

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Unite Internal Teams

An organization, whether large or small, will definitely have various departments.

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Customer Service
  • Operations
  • Accounting
  • Human Resources
  • Research and Development
  • Information Technology

Conflicts will naturally occur among these various departments. For instance, there are usually conflicts between marketing and sales. Role confusion is one potential conflict. Many people often use the terms “selling” and “marketing” interchangeably. But they’re not the same.

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A welcome kit can break team silos (isolated teams where groups work alone rather than together) and unite your divided workforce.

Your welcome kit could include items that are specific to each department or even country if your company has offices worldwide. And of course, mentioning the other departments and countries so your new employees understand how they work together as a team and contribute to the company’s success. Besides creating a sense of pride, it builds team spirit and camaraderie. Also, your new hires won’t feel like they’re just a small and unimportant piece in a large company. But a valued member of the company.

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Make Them Feel Valued

As mentioned, welcome kits embrace new hires as soon as they step into the office. It also helps make your employees feel included—and valued.

On top of showing appreciation, these welcome gifts will help strengthen bonds. Welcome kits not only excite new hires but also show that you’re excited that they’re joining your team. It communicates their value as a team member where they’re indispensable, no matter what role they play. A welcome kit sets the standard for how employees at your company are treated and valued.

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Now It’s Your Turn

Now that you know the benefits of welcome kits, are you ready to create a welcome kit for new employees? Share your ideas with fellow entrepreneurs~

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