The Postman Is Only $0.99 For A Limited Time

Hurry, The Postman is $0.99 for a limited time only~ BookBub is the holy grail for all authors. When I finally managed to create a full-length novel, I decided to apply for BookBub Featured Deals. And I was really lucky to get selected. I didn't expect to get it on my...

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The Postman Is Now Available

The Postman is now available~ This is one of the hardest stories to plan. I spent a week just plotting it! Also sought my brother's help (it's better to have a second pair of eyes to identify plot holes that I might have missed). Although I'm not sure if there are...

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The Postman Is Up For Pre-Order

Great news, everyone! The Postman is up for pre-order~ The first thing that probably caught your attention is the toned-down book cover design (compared to my previous works). It's a time travel love story and books in this genre have similar designs like this. So...

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The Hunt Is Now Available

The last book of Blood Hunter Trilogy, The Hunt, is now available~ Finally, we get to see Azalea's past. What made her who she is today. Also, I know you've waited very long for this... Raven and Tristan are finally taking a step forward in their relationship! Okay,...

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