Happy New Year! 🥳🎆🎉

I hope that 2022 was a great year for you and 2023 is an even better year~

2022 Year-End Updates

Yay! I finally finished writing and editing my manuscript~ It features the strongest protagonist so far. She’s really a kick-ass vampire huntress! I’m finalizing the details of my new book covers before I can proceed with publishing this latest trilogy~ It’ll probably be available next year. Can’t wait to share this with you 😀

I also started on my new manuscript~ I think this is probably one of the hardest stories to plan. In fact, I spent a week just plotting it. I also sought my brother’s help to identify plot holes that I might have missed. The story seems okay now (at least, I hope I removed most of the plot holes) ><;; I’m already halfway through the draft. I just hope it’s long enough to be eligible to run marketing promotions (at least 150 pages in length) *cross fingers*

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that I have a new story idea. In fact, I finished plotting all the chapters last month! This is the first time I’ve done this. Usually, I just have a list of bullet points about possible plot ideas. But the scenes for this story literally just appeared before my eyes. So I had to jot down all the details before they vanish (though I did change the backstory a few times, it was hard to find the right one). I’m really excited about it. But I won’t be able to start writing this until later on. It’s my next next story so I’ll share more about it then 🦊

Precisely because I finished plotting my next next story, I began to worry about my next story which I only have a few plot ideas in bullet points 💻 Therefore, I started plotting this too. It was difficult initially when I tried making the ideas gel together. But I managed to finish plotting and the story seems to flow quite well together. So I probably won’t be plotting for the next 2 years since I have 2 stories fully planned out (unless I have a new story idea!).

Also, if you follow my blog, you probably noticed that there are ads now. I received an email about my account being inactive and thus will be reset. Hence, I added AdSense to my website. This will partially cover some of the web hosting expenses. Thank you so much for supporting my blog!

And I bought myself a gift on Cyber Monday ⌨️ It’s a Logitech MX Keys~ I’ve been eyeing this keyboard for the longest time. My old wired keyboard was still working fine (except the broken Shift key) so I didn’t really need a new keyboard yet. But the discount was really enticing so… I bought it lol. Anyway, my experience has been great so far. Love its quietness and backlight! 🥰

P.S. Also bought Letters To My Future Self on Black Friday 📬 Have already set an alarm to open these letters every 2 years on my birthday. Hopefully, these time capsules will help me grow and encourage me to reach my goals~

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New Year’s Resolution For 2023

The first goal is to get my trilogy published. It should be okay. I’ve already published two trilogies so I know more or less what needs to be done. I’m just curious about how readers feel about the books. Also, feel free to be honest in your review! I have a document listing readers’ constructive reviews and my action (how I plan to solve these issues and improve my writing)~ This is probably my last trilogy. The next few stories are standalones. Do keep a lookout for my vampire hunter trilogy when it hit the shelves next year! 🦇🏹🗡️

I’m both happy and nervous while writing the current WIP. It’s my first time writing a time travel story. And I really love watching time travel shows ❤️ Although I’m not confident there are zero plot holes, I hope that you’ll enjoy the story as much as I do. It’s also slightly darker than my other stories. But that only applies to the antagonist. On one hand, I feel bad for the antagonist. But on the other hand, well I can’t say much anymore…

Anyway, my goal for 2023 is to finish this story as soon as possible. I’ll probably spend the next few months editing, formatting and getting a book cover design. Hopefully, I can get it published 😄

Also, if I’m publishing this time travel story, I’ll get a new logo and tagline~ I can’t include “paranormal” in the tagline anymore since my next few stories deviate from the paranormal genre. Super excited for this too! Wonder how my new logo will look like~

May 2023 be filled with laughter, love and cherished moments with your loved ones! 🎊


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