Wow, a year just flew by, yet again!

I can’t believe it’s already the last day of the year.

Happy New Year, everyone! 🎉🎊

2023 Year-End Updates

2023 kickstarted with the launch of Blood Hunter trilogy 🥳 The first book was accepted into BookSirens and it garnered quite a few reviews. In fact, this first book of the trilogy is now the book with the most reviews~ But I was surprised by how divided the reviews were. Some people enjoyed the dual timelines of Raven in the present and past while others didn’t like it as much. It got me thinking whether I should stick to chronological order or experiment with non-chronological order for my future story. I haven’t plotted much for this so I’m not even sure whether I’ll write it yet…

Okay, I didn’t really tell anyone about this but I joined TikTok. Posted a few videos but realized they’re being shown in my local country which I didn’t really want. So I didn’t post much now. Anyway, I might post again if I’m traveling to the US. I’ve kept some unboxing videos which would be shared to TikTok exclusively 🤭 From there, I’ll figure out whether I’ll post regularly (I know I should). Video is more tiring but it’s also more entertaining and fun. We’ll see how… 🤞

I also did a rebranding of my author brand this year. Absolutely love the new logo and tagline 😍 The rebranding might deter readers but I think it’s better to be upfront so readers dive into my books with the right expectations.

My time travel novel, The Postman, is up for pre-order! 📬⏰✒️ Check out my Instagram for photos of my proof copies (paperbacks with matte and glossy covers). I also posted a picture of my fluid art clock (which is a picture hint for this story) hahaha.

There was more time to write this year because my mother and brother were away for 5+ weeks and 3+ weeks (2 trips across 5 months). Therefore, I’ll probably finish writing my current WIP way earlier than expected. I’m currently writing the last second chapter~

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New Year’s Resolution For 2024

Hoping to publish my current WIP soon! Probably in 2024 after editing, book cover design and other publishing tasks. So here’s a sneak peek for everyone who is eager to know 😜 It’s a portal fantasy, isekai type of novel featuring enemies to lovers. Plus, some emoji clues: 📖✍️💻

I’m also really excited to start writing my next story. It’s paranormal 🤩 It’s a species I’ve never written before (I deliberately chose this rather than a species similar to vampires. Wanted to try something new!). But it’s still somewhat similar to vampires hmm.

Anyway, there’ll be many fighting scenes. But I’m kinda nervous. I feel slightly rusty in this aspect. It has been a while since I wrote a story with many battle scenes. Hopefully, it’s still as good as the Blood Hunter trilogy. I remember I felt a thrill with my hair standing on the back of my neck when I wrote that encounter between young Raven and the vampire (also, when the female protagonist first enters the male protagonist’s world in this current WIP). I quite like this feeling. It’s as though the writing seems so realistic that I can literally see it hahaha 😆

Can’t wait to share both stories with you all~

P.S. Try to get BookBub, Nicole! 💪💪💪


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