I have great news to share…

The Countdowner Trilogy is getting new book covers!

The Countdowner Trilogy Book 1 Counting Down To Meeting You The Countdowner Trilogy Book 2 Counting Down To Knowing You The Countdowner Trilogy Book 3 Counting Down To Leaving You

Aren’t they amazingly beautiful? *swoons*

And it’s all thanks to Natasha Snow~

Not only did she capture the paranormal romance genre, but she was also creative with the design. Notice those numbers in the background? I absolutely adore them. (Hint: They’re related to the protagonist’s ability)

The book covers also capture the protagonist, Hailey’s personality and feelings, right on point. The model is exactly how I imagined Hailey to be~

I really like the new covers and I hope you do too 🙂

The Countdowner Trilogy

A vampire, a werewolf and… a girl who sees time.

After a life-and-death accident, Hailey Diaz is bestowed with a gift—for every person on the street, she can see exactly how much time they have left until they die. Until life ebbs away.

Follow her journey as she gets entangled in a love triangle between a vampire and a werewolf. Get your copy today!


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Nicole C. W. All Rights Reserved.

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