The second book of Asphodelus: School For Ghosts Trilogy, The Mirror Of Truth, is now available~

Asphodelus Trilogy Book 2 The Mirror Of Truth

As the book title suggests, this book will reveal the past of Mia and her loved ones, including the truth of her death.

Also, there will be some progress for Mia and Colt ❤️😍

Some of you might already know this: I went wide with this book launch. Meaning that this trilogy is available on Amazon, Apple and Kobo.

Well, here’s a wonderful news: Book 1 of the trilogy is available in some libraries (okay, maybe just a few). But I feel really honored and grateful that these nice librarians are giving me and my books a chance. Thank you so much! 😄

The Mirror Of Truth

Dead girl. Deadlier enemies.

After a near brush with the ruler of the underworld, Mia is once again embroiled in Asphodelus’ supernatural school activities. And the biggest event of this school term is… Halloween!

Join Mia and her friends in their second adventure: discovering her past life with the Mirror Of Truth.

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