The Postman is now available~

This is one of the hardest stories to plan. I spent a week just plotting it! Also sought my brother’s help (it’s better to have a second pair of eyes to identify plot holes that I might have missed). Although I’m not sure if there are zero plot holes, I did try my best.

This story is also slightly darker than my other books due to the antagonist. His background and his past experiences have shaped who he is today. I pity him and I understand why someone can turn out like this. So do look kindly on him (I spent quite a lot of time building this character too).

Because the story spans many decades of the protagonist’s life, she’s a character whom I feel has the most growth (out of all the stories I’ve written so far). I tried to elaborate on her thoughts and feelings so I hope she’s relatable to you~

The initial idea for this story goes back to my university days. I actually wrote this as a screenplay for my Creative Writing class. But I really liked the idea which was why I wanted to flesh it out into a full story. The Postman is inspired by Il Mare, The Lake House (I was so so touched after watching the Korean movie so I watched the American version too) and Nine: Nine Time Travels.

Do check out Extras for my original screenplay ūüėÜ

P.S. Do feel free to leave an honest review on what I can improve on~

The Postman

The Postman

Letters across time. Love across generations. Wait of a lifetime.

Everything about the new postman is shrouded in mystery. As the chance encounters between them grow, Alice learns more about him: from his time-defying pocket watch to the unimaginable repercussions of his every move.

Join Alice in her quest for the truth behind the mysterious deaths!


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