Great news, everyone! The Postman is up for pre-order~

The first thing that probably caught your attention is the toned-down book cover design (compared to my previous works). It’s a time travel love story and books in this genre have similar designs like this. So it’s actually quite an appropriate cover. Also, check out my Instagram for photos of the paperback proof copies 😆

This is the last story idea I had when I first started self-publishing. But of course, I have more story ideas now.

So all the books so far, especially Blood Hunter trilogy, were practice for this novel. I wrote them to build my foundation so I can tackle this time travel story. As you know, time travel fiction isn’t easy to write. So I wanted to ensure that I was at least good enough to tackle this.

This is the first time that I have a pre-order that’s a few months away. Firstly, it’s because there’s a paperback version and I need more time to check the proof copies (another first time experience!). Secondly, I’ll be applying for a few ARC sites. Hopefully, I get accepted and we can get a few reviews for this~

The Postman

The Postman

Letters across time. Love across generations. Wait of a lifetime.

Everything about the new postman is shrouded in mystery. As the chance encounters between them grow, Alice learns more about him: from his time-defying pocket watch to the unimaginable repercussions of his every move.

Join Alice in her quest for the truth behind the mysterious deaths!


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Nicole C. W. All Rights Reserved.

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