The last book of Asphodelus: School For Ghosts Trilogy, The Scythe Of Exorcism, is now available~

Asphodelus Trilogy Book 3 The Scythe Of Exorcism

Thank you everyone for accompanying me on this journey! 😀

I had fun while writing this trilogy. And I hope you enjoyed the story too~

This will be the final book of the trilogy. Besides focusing on the relationship between Mia and Colt and the friendship among the protagonists, do look kindly on the antagonist. It took me a while to create this character. I also think his ending is perfect since it supports the message I want to convey.

The Scythe Of Exorcism

Dead girl. Deadlier enemies.

Everything is falling into place. Now, Mia knows the secret of her death. And not just hers. But everyone she loves. There is only one thing left—finding the murderer.

Join Mia and her friends in their last adventure: destroying evil spirits with the Scythe Of Exorcism.

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