So, I’ve taken a great leap forward!

Website Launch

Photo by Monoar Rahman on Pexels

I have a website. Can you believe it?

Well, it’s not professionally pretty or anything. But at least I have a place to house my books, social media accounts (and my ramblings).

No pun intended.

There’s a reason why the homepage is called a homepage. Get it?

Anyway, this will be my online home from now on.

You’re welcome to follow me in my journey as I build my online presence from scratch~

New Year’s Resolution For 2018

Photo by Estée Janssens on Unsplash

I know I haven’t been really active on my social media (still in the midst of navigating the waters, especially since I’m not accustomed to sharing my private life… it’s an introvert thing).

But here’s an update on what I’ve been doing.

I’m currently writing my next book. Well, books to be exact. (I like to finish writing the entire series before even publishing the first book)

The good news is that I’m writing the first draft for book 2 of this upcoming trilogy. The bad news is that this is not even halfway done.

I still have to complete the first draft of book 3, edit all three books again and maybe get some beta readers’ feedback. (I’m actually quite excited and nervous about this)

As you can guess, my New Year’s resolution for 2018 is to publish at least book 1 of this trilogy. I’m not really confident if it can be done since I’m a really really slow writer. And procrastination isn’t helping either.

But I’ll still try my best!


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