Whether you’re a traditional or self-published author, you’ve probably heard of BookBub. It’s the holy grail for all authors. If your book gets selected for Featured Deals, it’s time to pop the champagne and see your sales soar!

It’s the ultimate goal for all authors. And it is for me too! I still can’t believe I was so lucky to get a Featured Deal on the first try for my latest novel. Here are my thoughts and review of BookBub.

[Self-Publishing Tips] BookBub Review - Marketing Tools Pros & Cons + Case Study

Pro #1: Most Effective Book Promotion Site

BookBub is like Tier 1, the A+ grade of book promotion sites. Its effectiveness is way higher than most sites.

Just look at the results BookBub achieved for authors across various genres.

Whether you’re a debut author or an established author, you will walk away with benefits from BookBub Featured Deals.

  • Brand Awareness: increase exposure & find new readers
  • Sales & Profits
  • BookBub Followers & Email Newsletter Subscribers
  • Reviews
  • Boost Rankings & Hit Best Seller Lists: climb up the ranks of Amazon & perhaps, get the Best Seller Badge


Pro #2: The Power Of BookBub Marketing Tools

BookBub Featured Deals

The most important advertising you should get from BookBub is BookBub Featured Deals. BookBub will send daily Featured Deal emails to alert readers about free and discounted eBooks matching their genre interests. Because these are limited time deals, you will always see a huge spike in sales on the day the email is sent to their highly-engaged book-buyers. As mentioned earlier, its benefits are endless. Continue reading and see the case study of my experience and results of running a BookBub Featured Deal~

BookBub - Featured Deals

New Releases For Less

Also, consider using New Releases For Less to maximize visibility and exposure of your hot new releases. The weekly email features newly released eBooks, encouraging readers to try a new book from an author they may not have heard of before. This is great for boosting sales during the critical weeks after a book launch and expanding reach beyond your existing fanbase.

BookBub - New Releases For Less

BookBub Ads

Some authors have run BookBub Ads. Much like Facebook ads, it’s a self-serve display advertising platform where you create a campaign tailored to your marketing goals. You’ll have complete control over the targeting, ad design and spend. Ads are served through an auction and appear in BookBub emails and website. This is your chance to test marketing copy. I tried it too but it didn’t work for me. Maybe because my books are not widely known yet. But you can always try testing and see whether they’re effective.

BookBub - Ads

Chirp Audiobook Deals

BookBub also has Chirp Audiobook Deals. Similar to BookBub Featured Deals, you’ll promote limited time audiobook deals on the website and daily emails. This drives significant spike in audiobook sales and helps you get discovered by new listeners. I don’t have audiobooks so I’ve never tried it. But if I have audiobooks in the future, I’ll definitely run this to test whether it works.

BookBub - Chirp Audiobook Deals

Pro #3: Other BookBub Features

In addition to the various marketing promotions, BookBub has other features that you should tap into.

I strongly recommend that you claim your author profile on BookBub and add your books. This way, readers can write reviews of your books on BookBub and they can follow you.

When you add a new book in BookBub, BookBub will send a preorder alert to your followers. Also, your followers will be notified via email when you have a Featured Deal. I think this is great for capturing readers who didn’t subscribe to your newsletter. Subscribing to your newsletter requires high commitment and a lot of love for you and your books. However, following authors on BookBub just means that they receive emails when their favorite authors are launching new books or their books are discounted (which is less intimidating).

BookBub - Preorder Alerts

Con #1: Difficult To Get Your Book Selected

Everyone in this industry knows how powerful BookBub Featured Deals are. Which means that numerous authors apply for it every day. Some genres might also be more competitive than others too.

Thus, it’s difficult to get your book selected. BookBub explains why books aren’t selected in their FAQ. Do check out the requirements and submission tips to improve your chances. Ensure that you’ve done everything you can, including polishing your blurb. And keep trying until you succeed!

Photo by Alexas_Fotos on Pixabay

Con #2: Pricing

Due to its effectiveness and huge subscriber base, BookBub can command high prices. Depending on the regions and genres you choose, the prices will differ. However, BookBub is usually more expensive than other promotion sites. Even so, I strongly encourage you to give it a try. If your book gets selected and you manage to get a Featured Deal (that’s coveted by many authors), it’s best to go ahead and not give it up if you can afford it.

Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels

Case Study: My Experience & Results

So I already planned to apply BookBub Featured Deals with my latest novel. After gathering some ARC reviews, I decided to apply. I didn’t really have high hopes because I was pretty unknown with only a handful of reviews. Also, I heard many stories of how other authors got rejected. I was even prepared to create a reminder to apply again.

OMG can you imagine how surprised I was when I received the email that my book got selected? Thank you so much, BookBub editors, for giving my book a chance! 😆 And of course, I quickly paid to lock in the Featured Deal. I created reminders (please do so too if you’re selected) about lowering the book price a few days before the Featured Deal and changing it back to its original price when the Featured Deal ends. Take note of your BookBub Featured Deal’s selected regions and remember to lower the price in these regions. Because it’s my first Featured Deal, I even had reminders to screenshot Amazon rankings hahaha.

Bonus Tip: Apply to other book promotion sites too and stack them together. This will amplify your marketing efforts, maximize exposure and drive sales. Here’s a list of recommended book promotion sites that you can consider. I applied to Tier 1 sites and managed to schedule them a day before BookBub. If you managed to stack other book promotion sites, remember to edit your reminders to drop the price before the promotion starts and change the price back after the promotion ends.

On the day of the Featured Deal, I got an email about it (I followed myself on BookBub) and my book was also featured on BookBub website. See how BookBub editors have also crafted a unique blurb for my book~

BookBub - The Postman

Cause I have a full-time job and due to timezone differences, I couldn’t screenshot hourly (I would if I could!) but here are the best rankings I managed to screenshot. It’s the first time I got Amazon Best Seller Badge~ 😍 I’m really grateful that BookBub readers were willing to buy my book and give me a chance. My books and I are quite unknown as you can see from the screenshots below (how my book has so few ratings compared to other best seller books).

The Postman Amazon US Best Seller Time Travel Romances

The Postman Amazon US Best Sellers Time Travel Romances #1

The Postman Amazon US Best Sellers Time Travel Romance Paid #2

The Postman Amazon US Best Sellers Time Travel Science Fiction Paid #3

Now It’s Your Turn

Have you run BookBub Featured Deals for your books? How were your experience and results? Feel free to share your tips and strategies on getting selected for BookBub Featured Deals with fellow authors~


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