Many people believe that writing is a solitary endeavor. I mean, you’re basically writing the book yourself (unless it’s a collaboration where you co-write a book with another author).

But writing can be social too. You can walk down this journey with fellow writers by joining a writing community.

Today, we’ll explore the pros and cons of writing alone and writing together. I’ll also be sharing my own personal experience~

[Self-Publishing Tips] Writing Alone vs Writing Together - Pros & Cons

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Writing Alone: Choosing Solitude Over Loneliness

When writing alone, the key is that you need to be contented.

If you feel lonely or need an accountability buddy, a writing group might be more suitable for you.


  • You’re In Charge: being alone means you’re in control of how to spend the time & which activity to prioritize first (writing, editing, publishing etc.)
  • Improved Concentration & Productivity: with no one to disturb you, you can completely focus on writing
  • Cost: writing alone is practically free (you can simply write in the comfort of your own home)
  • Know Yourself Better: one of the greatest benefits of alone time is getting to know yourself better (eg. I realize that I write better in quiet environments)
  • Spark Joy: I’m not sure about you but writing alone makes me happy—it’s my burnout antidote from work (I literally look forward to my work-from-home lunch break where I just write my story)


  • No Listening Ear: whether you face a writer’s block or just want to vent how annoying your protagonist is (who keeps appearing in your dreams), you have no one to talk to
  • Blind To Your Mistakes: with no one guiding you or sharing writing tips, you may not even know that you’ve made a mistake in your manuscript
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Writing Together: Joining A Writing Community

When you join a writing community, do take note of the communication channel, group activities and rules.

Some groups include critiques and feedback of manuscripts while others might just be gathering together to write.

Check out writing communities that you can join for writing and self-publishing tips~


  • Create A Sense Of Belonging: one of the greatest benefits is building connections with people & making friends
  • Get Out Of The House: depending on whether you meet online or in person, physical meetups will allow you to exercise your body (it’s good for your mind too!)
  • Broaden Your Horizons: here’s your chance to meet writers from all walks of life
  • Gain Writing Tips: you can hone your writing craft and improve your characterization, worldbuilding and more from fellow writers
  • Learn About Publishing & Business: published authors can share insights on the business side of writing like how to get published & obstacles they faced


  • Personality Clashes: just like all social settings, there are bound to be conflicts with some people due to personality differences
  • Cost: writing groups are often free or affordable but the cost will be your time (time to reserve a place, commute back & forth, exchange critiques & feedback etc.)

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My Personal Experience

I usually write alone and I’m okay with writing alone. With my word count tracker document and app, I rarely break the habit chain. In fact, my longest streak is 291 days!

I’m slightly active in the selfpublish subreddit on Reddit. I post once in a long while when I have questions, usually regarding the business side of writing like publishing or marketing matters. However, I browse through the posts in this forum almost every day. I find that this is a great community to learn about publishing and marketing as well as get advice from experienced and published authors.

Also, I consult my sibling when I hit a writing roadblock. For example, there are times when I’m not sure how the plot events should play out or how characters should move during fight scenes. At times like these, I discuss with my sibling and amazingly enough, the issue gets solved. He was also a tremendous help when I was plotting my time travel novel (identifying plot holes and all).

So the key thing is to figure out what works for you. Everyone is different. Your needs and goals will be different from mine. So do whatever you’re comfortable with to meet your needs and reach your goals.

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Now It’s Your Turn

There’s no right or wrong answer in choosing to write alone or together in a group. What matters is which option will motivate you to write.

Do try writing alone and in a group and see which option makes you more comfortable. Or you could be like me—hybrid of writing in solitude while being part of a writing community.

How is your experience writing alone and writing together in a group? Do you have any tips that you’d like to share with fellow writers?

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