Writing is typically a solo endeavor. Many people have also considered it a lonely activity.

However, by joining a community of writers, you’ll gain a great source of inspiration and encouragement.

Writing groups offer a supportive environment of like-minded people who share a passion for telling stories. The benefits are endless: boosting your word count via an accountability partner that checks in on your progress and goals, honing your craft of writing with personalized mentorship, getting self-publishing tips and advice from other authors.

Check out my blog post where I weigh the pros and cons of writing alone vs writing together~

Here are some writing communities you can consider joining.

[Self-Publishing Tips] 5 Writing Communities For Writing & Self-Publishing Tips

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1. Writers’ Cafe at KBoards

When I just started researching self-publishing, I stumbled upon this forum. It was filled with information and knowledge where authors shared their self-publishing journey and experiences. I learned a lot from these threads (though I was mostly stalking; I didn’t create an account hahaha).

If you want to learn self-publishing tips, you can consider joining this forum. Note that this is more like traditional forums so posts can be quite long and in-depth. Also, there are some successful indie authors in this forum (though they might not post as often nowadays). But you can always look at the past threads and see what they’ve done that help them become who they are today.


2. Shut Up & Write!

Shut Up & Write! are online and in-person writing meetups where you get your writing done. With a community of 88,000+ writers in 361 cities around the world, there might even be one in your neighborhood!

This meetup group is focused solely on writing as its name suggests. People come together, whether online over a Zoom call or offline at a café, then sit down and write. There may be introductions at the start where you get to know each other. Or you can hang out after the writing session.

This is suitable for people who require peer pressure to write. If you’re the type to procrastinate when writing alone, consider writing together with other people which might make you more motivated to write. In fact, you can find an accountability partner from the people you meet here.

Shut Up & Write!

3. Self-Publishing & Writing Subreddits at Reddit

There are some self-publishing and writing subreddits, such as

Because Reddit is a social media channel, it’s likely that you already have a Reddit account. Hence, you don’t have to deliberately create a new account like the abovementioned. Instead, you simply have to log into your Reddit account and join the subreddits that you’re interested in.

In fact, you can be like me. I joined quite a few subreddits but I don’t post often. I only post when I have questions (although I do comment sometimes).

Another great thing about Reddit is that there’s an app. Meaning that you can simply browse Reddit on the go where the content is optimized for mobile.

Depending on your reasons and goals for joining a community, I’m sure you can find a suitable subreddit that aligns with what you want.

Reddit - Sub-Reddit Self-Publish

4. Authors & Writing Groups at Goodreads

As the world’s largest community of book lovers, you probably already have a Goodreads account.

There are writing and author groups on Goodreads too.

Personally, I use Goodreads to connect with readers so I’m not really sure what the writing and author communities are like. In my case, I ask the librarians to add a new book when my book is on pre-order on Amazon. I also use Goodreads to find ARC readers. But the librarians and readers I’ve met are all very nice. So I’m sure the fellow writers and authors you meet will be nice too!


5. Your Local Writing Communities

Last but not least, ask around your local community and see whether anyone’s interested in writing together.

You can start with your friends and then expand to social media. For example, you can post in your country’s subreddit and ask whether anyone wants to create a writing group together. But bear in mind to be cautious of people you meet online.

The benefit of local writing communities is that you form a close-knit group. Since they’re located in the same neighborhood as you and the group will likely be smaller, everyone in the group will get more attention. Your voice and opinion will be heard too. In fact, you may find a mentor that you can learn from and meet often.

With the same passion for writing, you may even make more friends (and choose to hang out with them).

Etsy - Writer Author Cup Mug

Source: geekishop via Etsy

Now It’s Your Turn

Are you a member of any writing communities? How did you find these communities? How have they helped you in your writing skills or self-publishing journey?


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