The Postman

The Postman

Letters across time. Love across generations. Wait of a lifetime.​

Everything about the postman is shrouded in mystery.

Alice only knows three things about him.

One, he knows her name before she even introduces herself.
Two, deaths follow him everywhere he goes.
Three, he is dangerous.

As the chance encounters between them grow, Alice learns more about him: from his time-defying pocket watch to the unimaginable repercussions of his every move.

Navigating their way through the twists of fate, they’re faced with strange accidents like fires and traffic collisions. Will they discover the one behind all this? Or at least, find out there’s someone else who is slipping through the cracks of time?

Join Alice in her quest for the truth behind the mysterious deaths!

This standalone time travel novel features the love story between a time traveller and a calligrapher across decades.

*Written in UK/British spelling because the author wants to retain the book title, “The Postman” (instead of “The Mailman”)


Copyright © 2017-2024
Nicole C. W. All Rights Reserved.

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